News Headlines – Friday 6th September

Michael Gove has spoken out claiming campaigners against the planning reforms are stopping children growing tall by forcing them to live in smaller homes with shared bedrooms. He also added that keeping the planning restrictions would have stunted educational growth for many. Telegraph, p1

The Times suggests that all the best people want to display masonry in their homes. Actors like Oliver Thornton and One Direction star Harry Styles have both been attracted by exposed brick. Matt Stanway, sales manager at Urban Spaces believes properties with exposed brick have the edge in terms of desirability. The more loft features – concrete ceilings wooden flooring, steel factory windows – the better. Times B&M, p5

Number of first time buyers has swelled according LSL Property Services. There were 26,100 people buying homes for the first time in July, up 8,000 through the year. Information from Connells Survey and Valuation added to LSL’s figures, suggesting that August had seen 40% more first time buyers than the same month the previous year. City AM, p7; Times, p47; Guardian, p13; FT, p3

Investors, buoyed by the apparent momentum of the economy, expect the first rise in interest rates to come almost two years earlier than the Bank of England indicated last week. Market interest rate expectations suggest the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee will disregard its new forward guidance and raise the rate in the final months of 2014 or beginning of 2015. Financial Times, p1

New rules to limit pay in the financial sector are being unnecessarily rushed according to the British Bankers’ Association. The lobby group recommends the rules be postponed until 2015. In its submission to the European Banking Authority, the BBA said the EU’s decision to equate earnings with those considered to be a material risk taker meant many relatively junior staff faced having their pay curbed. Telegraph, B1

The European Commission in expected to publish details of new legislation which would ban mobile roaming charges. From 2014, customers would be able to keep costs down by selecting another provider for calls, texts and data while travelling if their own network charges extra for service abroad. Guardian, p31


Newsheadlines – Friday 15th February


Warren Buffet has teamed up with Jorge Lemann, Brazil’s second richest man, to agree a shock £18bn takeover of US consumer giant Heinz. The biggest takeover of the year so far and the fourth largest food and beverage acquisition of all time underscores the rising tide of deal making and has raised the hopes of bankers that merger and acquisition activity will accelerate. Telegraph B1; FT, p1


Bankers and hedge fund managers are expected to fuel  a property resurgence by splashing out on smart London addresses in districts such as Fulham. Savills reports that buyers expecting bonuses have returned to the real estate hunt in the past few weeks. Prices for the upper tier of properties in Fulham, Chiswick, Islington and Wandsworth are 8.3% to 20.6% above their level at the housing market’s peak in 2007. Anne Ashworth, Times, p55

Urban Spaces featured in Times Bricks & Mortar for a school conversion- The Paragon! Claire Carponen, Times B&M, p3


After an unexpectedly profitable 2012 and a reduction in the number of bankers competing for their share of the spoils, bonuses have started appearing in the banking industry. Goldman Sachs has set the pace with a 6% hike in its compensation pool pushing the average estimate pay out up to £257,746. Sam Coates, Times, p55

Personal Finance

The value of UK savings and pensions could reduce by up to 20% by an EU tax on financial deals. The EU commission says a new levy would raise £30billion a year. Just 11 out of 27 EU members are happy to adopt the tax which will impose a levy on all dealings in stocks, bonds, pension funds and other investments. Alison Little, Daily Express, p1, 7