Thursday 9th January


China has offered to invest in Britain’s railways by funding and building links to a new Birmingham station on the high-speed HS2 network. Bank of England figures showed that lending to SMEs increased significantly in the three months of last year. Brian Murphy Mortgage Advice Bureau says in The Times “increasingly competitive and mortgage access visibly improved”. The recovery is snowballing as mortgage demand, lending and hiring picks up.


Allister Heath writing in CityAM says our pension system is broken. The public doesn’t save enough and is forced to rely on the state to finance it all or a large part of its retirement years. The only progress has been the increase in retirement age. Private pension schemes have been decimated by idiotic government rules, final salary pensions are finished for younger private sector workers and the entire annuity system is complex. The retirement prospects for the majority of under 35 year olds is catastrophic.


Housing bubble fears as demand for mortgages soars boosted by Help to Buy, says The Telegraph and Carney could scrap Help to Buy next year say top bank analysts as booming housing market gathers pace according to CityAM.


Jobs market boom sustained by Midlands and North says KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) which shows the number of people taking on permanent positions rose last month at its quickest rate since March 2010, with the steepest rises in the Midlands and North. These regions also showed the fastest recorded rise in temporary posts since 1998, however, a skills squeeze is hitting London.


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