The Wriglesworth Consultancy works with Public Concern at Work on launch of ground-breaking report

The Wriglesworth Consultancy is working with Public Concern at Work (the whistleblowing charity) to launch the Whistleblowing Commission report, which reviews the effectiveness of whistleblowing policy in the UK and makes recommendations for improving legislation.

The Report has today been widely covered through 10 broadcast interviews, including the BBC, Sky News and ITV News and Daybreak, and six national newspaper print stories, including the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian  – and counting!

The Report calls upon the Secretary of State, Vince Cable, to issue the Commission’s Code of Practice to be adopted in all UK workplaces. The Commission was set up by Public Concern at Work who were pivotal in drafting the report recommendations.

For the report press release:

Media coverage

Call for better protection for whistleblowers

Laws to protect whistleblowers need beefing up and code of practice recommended by commission which investigated safeguards for those who reveal wrongdoing.

The Telegraph, 27 November 2013

Whistleblowers are a ‘barometer’ of work culture

Laws protecting whistleblowers should be strengthened in order to improve working culture and protect the vulnerable, Cathy James told Daybreak., 27 November 2013

Time to review whistleblowing arrangements

Legal Director Shonali Routray speak to BBC Radio 5 Live about the key recommendations of the Whistleblowing Commission.

BBC 5 Live, 27 November 2013 (at 6 minutes)

‘Code of practice’ for whistleblowing gets union backing

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grday said:

“Whistleblowing is an important way to root out malpractice and wrongdoing in a workplace. But with the blacklisting scandal showing that some people have had their careers wrecked for daring to speak out at work, most people are too scared to say anything for fear of retribution.

It’s important that we have stronger legal protections and written workplace procedures for whistleblowers to underpin the important work that union reps do in supporting workers who speak out.”, 27 November 2013

Law ‘failing to protect’ whistleblowers

The main UK law that protects whistleblowers is failing, according to an independent commission established by the charity that helped draft the statute 15 years ago.

Financial Times, 27 November 2013

Whistleblower Michael Woodford backs legal protection calls

The businessman who blew the lid on the Olympus accounting scandal is supporting calls for a UK code of practice.

Sky News, 27 November 2013

Public accountability: it’s not only banks that needs closer scrutiny

There are too many areas of public life where it seems there are those who can get away with whatever they choose and a sense of responsibility have been alarmingly absent.

The Observer, 24 November 2013

Lessons in transparency for the UK government

Shonali Routray highlights the launch of the Whistleblowing Commission report and contributes to the debate on transparency and governence: “the government needs to strengthen protections, increase incentives for organisation to treat whistleblowers well and for regulators to do more.”

The Guardian, 22 November 2013


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