Paper Summary 31st October 2013


  • In the Daily Mail, Linda Whitney reports candidates are still having to work hard at making their applications stand out – although Adzuna has some good news, saying fewer than two people are now chasing every job.  Mark Bull, chief executive of recruiter Randstad UK says, “Match your skills and experience to the vacancy but also understand what it offers that will fulfil you and ensure this comes through in your application and interview.”  He also advises candidates to demonstrate they are high-fliers who should be considered above others.  He says, “Highlight your extracurricular activities and the skills they have given you – employers look for rounded individuals”


  • The Daily Telegraph reports elderly people will have to spend nearly twice as much on care bills as previously thought before qualifying for state help.  The Coalition’s pledge to overhaul care by introducing a £72,000 cap on care costs is misleading because it excludes tens of thousands of pounds in accommodation fees according to care agency Prestige Nursing+CareNorman Lamb, the care minister, said the Government had always made clear that the cap would not apply to accommodation costs, which residents would continue to pay even after they qualify for state support.


  • Elsewhere in The Daily Telegraph, personal finance reporter Kyle Caldwell looks at how to make a deposit for a first house stretch further.  His advice includes investing in residential property funds and cutting back on discretionary spending including moving back in with friends or parents.  As average London rents hit £1,100 a month according to LSL Property Services, “would-be buyers are ploughing much of their hard-earned cash into landlord’s pockets”

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