News Headlines – Saturday 27th July 2013

Two of Britain’s biggest banks, Barclays and Lloyds, are eyeing big capital markets transactions in the coming days to take advantage of resurgent investor sentiment towards the sector. Barclays is closing in on a plan to boost its capital strength with ideas to issue fresh equity, sell hybrid bonds and shrink its balance sheet. Lloyds has been priming investors for a selldown of the government’s 39% stake to begin as soon as the end of next week. Financial Times, p1



National census statistics have revealed that of the four million migrants who entered the UK between 2001 and 2011, 469,843 were allocated council or housing association properties. The paper reports that the number of families on the waiting list for social housing currently stands at a record 1.8m. Sir Andrew Green, of the Migrationwatch thinktank, said: ‘The figures serve to underline the huge cost of mass immigration – costs often ignored by the immigration lobby. Daily Mail, p1



Over 800,000 British jobs are being offered to workers in EU. Under an EU scheme, positions advertised in UK job centres also have to be offered to workers in other European member states. Peter Dominiczak, Telegraph, p8; Brussels is believed to be offering British firms £1,000 a time to take on foreign workers. Daily Mail, p4


Personal Finance

As more lenders offer cheap deals, switching to a new home loan could have a drastic effect on repayments as consumers could save £15,000. The latest figures reflect the Government’s attempt to prop up Britain’s sluggish property market. Telegraph Your Money, p1


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