News Headlines: Saturday 6th July


A referendum on whether Britain should remain in the EU came a step closer on Friday when MPs overwhelmingly backed a public vote in 2017. Conservative MPs put aside their differences over Britain’s membership of the EU, uniting of a back bench bill to enshrine in law David Cameron’s promise of an in/out referendum. Everywhere.

The scale of the financial crisis facing the NHS has been made clear after a senior official warned that the organisation could face a £30bn funding gap by 2020. Tim Kelsey, NHS England’s Director for patients and information, said: “We are about to run out of cash in a serious fashion”. The Independent, Pg 15.

Personal Finance

The Prudential has found that over the course of a lifetime it costs £1.8million or around £29,000 to run a household over the course of a lifetime. The biggest expense was around £508,000 on housing, including energy bills. Recreation and culture, including holidays, were second at £230,000. The Daily Telegraph, Pg 16.


Private housing tenants are today stepping up their campaign against letting agents’ “rip-off” fees which the former housing minister John Healey branded on Friday as “unfair and unjustifiable”. Angry tenants are targeting branches of Foxtons and Felicity J Lord estate agents following Healey’s calls in parliament for fees to be banned because they are contributing toward a nationwide “silent crisis” in the privately rented sector. The Guardian, Pg 21.


Parliament will become embroiled in another expenses scandal unless MPs are given an above inflation pay rise, the watchdog which sets salaries has warned. The independent chairman of the Independent Parliamentary Standards authority advised that David Cameron should not attempt to block the pay rises. The Daily Telegraph, Pg16.


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