News Headlines 3rd July


Companies are taking up more office space in the City than any time in almost three years.  CBRE said take-up in the City during the second quarter reached 1.6m square feet, above the average of 1.2m sq ft driven by technology, media and telecoms firms looking for space, as well as insurers.

Persimmon – Britain’s largest house-builder has increased reservation rates by almost a third in the first half of the year, saying the government scheme Help to Buy has boosted this. 

Construction in general has enjoyed its strongest growth for more than a year, housebuilding – lifted by the Government’s Help to Buy scheme was the best performing area in the sector – everywhere



Shop prices fall at fastest pace in over six years, they fell 0.2 per cent in the twelve months to June this year.  This fall is driven by non-food related items such as clothing, furniture, electrical items and gardening.  Food has risen by 2.7 per cent.



Savers are now moving away from high street banks who continue to cut rates towards less well known banks, company bonds or even lending directly to borrowers in a bid to get as much as they can from their nest eggs.  Unfortunately not all of these better paying deals protect your capital if things go wrong.  Some of these new names are branches of a parent bank who are registered elsewhere and in such cases you are covered by the scheme in the banks home country not the UK (£85,000 or £170,000 for joint accounts)


Equity Release Council research shows 24 per cent of adults, rising to almost one in three of those aged 61,75, feel the lottery offers a better chance of living happily once they’ve stopped working.



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