News headlines Tuesday 21st May


Treasury minister David Gauke has warned that the backlash against corporate tax avoidance could end up costing the country jobs and investment.  The warning comes after David Cameron outlined plans for international action on closing loopholes at a meeting with various business leaders, FT p 3

Shares in London yesterday reached levels last seen at the height of the dotcom boom nearly 13 years ago.  A surge in Royal Bank of Scotland’s share price boosted the FTSE index.  Last night experts predicted the FTSE would this year hit an all-time record of 6,950.6 points set in December 1999/ Guardian p 23 & all others



The Pension Protection Fund – the statutory safety net underpinning employers’ pension promises has warned that it might be forced to increase the levy it collects from schemes each year. A review yesterday showed company pension deficits were at risk of rising because of low interest rates and a regulatory change allowing companies to pay less into underfunded schemes, FT p 25



Six yearly study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council of the UK and the UK commission for Employment and Skills shows that British workers are feeling less secure and more pressured at work than at any time in the past 20 years, Guardian p 28



The developers of Battersea Power station broke through the $1bn (£660m) sales barrier yesterday amid “phenomenal” interest.  Prices ranges from £350,000 for a studio to £6m for a penthouse.  The homes have been marketed in Singapore, Independent p 48


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