Jan Hills, partner at Head Heart + Brain, and a leadership expert, comments on Marks and Spencer’s financial results


ImageCommenting on Marks and Spencer’s latest results, Jan Hills, partner at Head Heart + Brain, and a leadership expert says: “A lack of quality leadership is holding some sectors back, and the retail sector is one of the biggest culprits.  Christmas sales were down and stores like HMV and Blockbuster have folded.  Retail leaders aren’t coping well with the pace of change in the sector. They are managing their employees in a threatening way, which is dragging down productivity and making it harder for the sector to adapt to seismic changes in the economy. This is particularly worrying in a sector where there is such a close link between motivated employees, customer service and profitability.”

To get the most out of their employees, and to close the productivity gap, retail bosses need to lead in a more brain-savvy way. They need to maximise feelings of reward in their employees, which will improve the engagement and decision-making of their workforce and ensure they are firing on all cylinders.”

This comment is taken from a research report issued on April 15th


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