ONS Regional Labour Market Statistics – Yorkshire & The Humber

Reacting to statistics released by the ONS this week showing employment levels for Yorkshire & The Humber are at record highs and that over the year the regions with the largest change in the employment rate were in Yorkshire & The Humber and London, Tara Ricks, managing director of Randstad Financial & Professional, said:

“Even though the economy has failed to take off, there has been a 4.2% rise in financial services jobs since the start of 2011, which is testament to the underlying strength of the sector. But not enough is being done to make sure those jobs are distributed evenly across the country. Although Yorkshire and the Humber was one of only five regions to see employment levels rise in the first quarter, it still has the third highest unemployment rate of any region in the UK. More needs to be done to encourage private sector investment in Yorkshire, and northern regions in general. The government needs to make it easier for financial services firms to hire people, particularly in areas like Yorkshire. It needs to continue to cut red-tape, which will make the private sector labour market more fluid. But the zen-like obsession with fiscal austerity is strangling the recovery of the labour market. More needs to be done to encourage firms to invest in human capital.”

Tara Ricks

             Tara Ricks


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