Thursday 25th April

Osborne’s banking shake up in crisis as Co-op pulls out of Lloyds branch bid and critics slam funding for lending scheme after government extension. Fewer companies are in financial distress than there were a year ago, adding to tentative signs that parts of the UK economy may be returning slowly to health, says Begbies Traynor.

Personal Finance:
The typical British Family has an income of £16,034 a year to live on, official figures reveal. Londoners enjoy the highest amount at £32,823 after tax, while workers in Nottingham struggle to get by on £10,834.

Britain is now a safer place to live according to first ever Peace Index. Broadland in Norfolk is top of the most peaceful areas and Lewisham tops of the least peaceful chart of which London boroughs are the top five. The findings were produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace which defines peace as the absence of violence or fear of violence.

BoE opens door for buy-to-let landlords to tap funding scheme. Under the FLS the bank defines SMEs as companies with annual turnover of less than £25m.

Young people have unrealistic expectations of the job market with most saying they only want a job in popular culture, media or sport, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Many employees are desperate to recruit but say candidates’ written applications are in “text speak” and they are late for interviews and have a poor knowledge of the company they are applying to. Almost 700,000 people ages 16 to 24 are jobless. Proposals to allow staff to give up employment rights in exchange for shares has been passed by the Lords but only after it was significantly thinned down.Those opposed to the plan argue that it was only a Pyrrhic victory since it now means that companies will be so wrapped up in red tape they will not take advantage of the scheme.


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