Prestige Nursing + Care: Government response to the Mid Staffs report

Jonathan Bruce, managing director of Prestige Nursing+Care comments on the government response to the Mid Staffs’ report:

“This marks a step in the right direction, attempting to tackle the problems identified by Robert Francis. Enforcing compulsory practical care training for student nurses will ensure new recruits gain substantial hands on experience, and addresses the argument that more academically based training has depleted care standards.”

“However, the measure fails to take a number of things into account. Primarily, it ignores a call by the nurses themselves to increase staffing to reduce under resourcing which is often a cause of poor care standards. There is no escaping the fact we need to spend money on more nurses – as the opposition argued if we’re going to have more trainees, we need more qualified staff there to train them. The response also fails to take into account the roles of doctors and managers, ignoring the fact that successful care comes from all levels.

“Although we welcome Jeremy Hunt’s aspiration for this response to be a catalyst for change, there’s a lot left to discuss.”


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