News headlines 13th March

Daily Mail has given its front page to National Trust chief and journalist and broadcaster Simon Jenkins who says countryside children have no right to live near their parents when they grow up. He is calling for the majority of new homes to be built in towns and cities rather than unspoilt areas. However, Home Builders Federation’s chief Stewart Baseley attacks this view saying we should not be pigeon holing people into towns where they may not want to live.

Sterling nosedives amid triple dip recession fears says the Express but Tim Wallace writing in CityAM says that the swathe of gloomy data failed to depress the UK’s buoyant equity markets with the FTSE closing yesterday at a 5 year fresh high. The Financial Times refers to the Spectre of stagflation returning to haunt the UK as investors fear no growth and high inflation.

Personal Finance
Aldermore Bank has commissioned a survey to find that more than half the UK’s workers have no savings and would be immediately penniless if they lost their jobs. Most blame mortgages and other debts for their inability to put money aside for back-up.


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