Hearthstone Investments comments on latest CML figures

Christopher Down, Chief Executive, Hearthstone Investments said,

“The latest CML figures show that potential homeowners continue to face a number of economic pressures, including inflation and stringent lending conditions, which are preventing many from getting a foot on the housing ladder”.

“However, as has consistently been the case throughout the last twenty years, ‘bricks and mortar’ residential property continues to be seen as a strong and favourable investment –primarily due to its tangible nature, strong returns and low volatility. There appears to be a general sense of optimism and a largely positive outlook for the UK housing market in 2013 building on a modest upturn in first-time buyer transactions in 2012.”

“Hearthstone is able to offer a significant shelter from these economic pressures and this is the first year that people can invest in UK residential property through the Hearthstone Residential Property Fund using their ISA allowance or SIPP scheme. This means that those people who may be struggling to secure a mortgage, choosing to rent, or simply looking for a sound investment, can still capitalise on market changes and benefit from strong returns – without having to physically own the property itself.”


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