Stuart Law, Chief Executive of Assetz, comments on Far Eastern investors:


–          Could you give me a few examples of the cities you talk about and the potential yields for Eastern investors?


Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds all have 8% yields available typically on new build apartments (and which Far Eastern investors have a strong preference for).


–          The $50K limit for the Chinese – how does this work in detail? IE, can/do people save their allowance each year to then be able to buy. Or is there a way round this?


Many Chinese have business interests outside of China that avoids the need to ‘export’ their cash each year. For those that don’t they can transfer out $50k a year each and save up outside the country. A couple could save $100k a year (c£60k) which is enough to buy a good quality property with a mortgage.


–          What is the situation regarding citizenship? What implications does it have for Far Eastern investors?


Currently buy to let property investment does not get them an immigration visa.


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