News Headlines Tuesday 29th January 2013


The FTSE100 passed the 6,300 mark for the first time since May 2008. The index is on track to record its best January in more than two decades. This month the footsie has risen by more than 6.7 per cent. However the pound sterling suffered losses as it declined to its lowest level since December 2011.


Qatar has put its single biggest investment in London – the £3bn Chelsea Barracks housing development – on hold, citing concerns about the economy. Quatari Diar, the emirate’s property arm, has planning permission for the scheme which includes 450 luxury residences and 123 affordable homes.

Under the plans unveiled yesterday for the next phase of the £33billion HS2 train line, a total of 227 will be demolished  along with 179 commercial properties, 42 industrial sites and five community facilities to make for branch lines. Payouts for those affected are expected to reach £2.5 billion.


Personal Finance

Figures revealed by the Office for National Statistics shows half of all Britain’s households are in debt, with the average sum totalling £3,200.

According to research by Aviva parents suffer the most financial stress when children are two years old and younger. Whilst, a study by LV has found bringing up a child to the age 21 costs £222,000, 58 per cent higher than 10 years ago.


Under plans proposed by the Conservatives, some of Britain’s biggest companies would be urged to publish the ethic and gender breakdown of their workforce.


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