Alexandra Mathew, Sales Manager at Cluttons’ Holland Park office, comments on blue plaques:

Do blue plaques help sell a house?
“If the blue plaque is commemorating someone significant, particularly an individual who is greatly admired historically or in art and literature, then this would certainly induce some excitement for buyers. If it is something a little less high brow, then it might not be such an attraction.”

And does it help if a seller collates historical information about a house to show to a buyer?
The buying and selling of property for some is a lifetime business and inheriting a piece of historical heritage can play a big part in this. Whether it’s a blue plaque, historical photos of the property in days gone by, or evidence of a connection to an historical figure or event, there is no doubt that the history of a building is intriguing and people want to buy into it.”

Just how important is it to know about the history of a house when it comes to market it?
“It depends on the buyer and their requirements, for example an investment buyer is less likely to be concerned about the history of a property than someone buying a family home to live in, but it’s always nice to be able to highlight historical points of interest to any buyer. It can help set the property apart and adds a little extra intrigue.”


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