Monday 14th January – News Headlines


Venn Partners set to undertake real estate lending in the UK (backed by Norwegians) FT p 18

£155 pension boost for stay-at-home mothers, announced by Ian Duncan Smith, Mail p 1, Tel p 1

Pensions to soar by 25% (because share prices may go up!) Express p 1

Banking Industry rejects coalitions plans to help FTB through enabling FTB’s to access parent’s pension pots, Times p 38

FTB’s need to save 8 years to get a deposit (Barclays Research)  Times p38


Goldman Sachs will delay City bonuses to post April 6th to avoid 50% tax, FT p 1

Link bonuses to long term initiatives says High Pay Center, Tel B3

Graduates face toughest market since the depths. Of 2009 recession as employees will increase graduate recruitment by only 2.7% (High Flyers Research) The Times reports that graduates will need to have had work experience with prospective employers to increase their chances, Express p 5


Next influx of migrants will cause shortage of housing admits Mr Pickles

US Lenders begin to rebuild the US Mortgage Market, (FT Special Report) FT p 19


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