Saturday 12th January – Newspaper Headlines

Business/Economics & Recruitment

Horrible setbacks for Britain’s builders and manufacturers have shook the City with many warning a winter slump and a triple dip. Manufacturing output slipped by 0.3% in November which means it is now 2.1% smaller than this time last year. By Russell Lynch, Independent, p49; Kathryn Hopkins, Times, p48;

Aside from shrinking economy, there is further jobs gloom with Jessops making 1370 people redundant and Honda shedding 800 jobs at its Swindon factory. Honda reported that it was expecting no growth in the UK car market and that was the reason for it to shed workers. A Department for Business, Innovation and Skills spokesman said the government would work with local partners to minimise the impact of job losses, claiming global manufacturers such as Nissan and BMW have invested |£6nm in UK to safeguard and create new jobs. Philip Inman, Guardian, p25


Personal Finance

Those better off who risk losing out in a government pensions shake up will be protected under plans to be unveiled on Monday. The original white paper outlined a single tier flat rate pension which was later ordered by the PM to be reworked, amid fears that millions including traditional Conservative voters would see their pension entitlement fall. The latest white paper intends to outline a mechanism that will allow those hit by a loss of the rebate to recoup the sum through annual credits for the remainder of their working lives, resulting in more generous state pensions. Sarah Neville, Norma Cohen & Elizabeth Rigby, FT, p4



MP Helen Grant complained of a stagnant housing market as she struggles to sell her £1.8m home in Surrey. The MP is reported to have been trying to sell her home for two years. Two planning applications to demolish the Edwardian home and replace it with three four bed homes or seven flats are under appeal. By Mark Reynolds, Express, p2


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