News Headlines 13th December 2012

The number of people in work has hit a 40 year high according to the ONS, increasing by 40,000 to 29.6million in the three months to October, but that was the slowest rise since January, confirming that the recent jobs boom is slowing. The jobless rate was 7.8% of the workforce, unchanged since last month’s data. Youth unemployment fell for a third successive month, with the number of employed 16-24yr olds down to 20.3% of the age group population. The Financial Times, The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph

Property and Sustainability
Theresa May, The Homes Secretary, has said that immigrants are to blame for pushing up house prices. Using the figures of the latest census, Mrs May pointed to a surge in the foreign-born population being “uncontrolled” and said that a third of the new housing need was caused by immigration and that without it house prices would be 10% lower over a 20yr period. The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail.

Green energy is cheaper over time says a report from the government’s climate watchdog. Wind farm subsidies and other green policies will add as much as £100 a year to household energy bills by 2020, but green power strategies will eventually prove cheaper than relying on the gas-fired electricity, the power favoured by Osborne, because that option could increase household bills by as much as £600 in later decades. The Financial Times.

Ucas has revealed that universities student recruits have fallen by 11% following the rise of tuition fees, with less prestigious universities suffering the worst drop. The Financial Times.


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