Prestige Nursing + Care: Council Spending on Care Falls by Double the National Average in the North

Council Spending on Care Falls by Double the National Average in the North

  • Adult care spending has fallen by 4.17% in the North compared to 1.78% in the South over past year
  • 5.94% difference in spending per person between the North and South in 2012
  • Widened from 4.73% difference between North and South in 2011

Council spending on adult care has seen an average year on year real terms decrease of 4.17% in the North, dropping by double the national average of 2.05% over the past year according to data analysis from Prestige Nursing + Care. The research conducted through FOI requests to 100 councils conversely found council spending in the South has fallen by less than the national average, with a reduction of 1.78% in real terms spending.

Widening Gap

In contrast, last year spend per person decreased by 0.95% in real terms in the North whilst the South saw a slight real term increase of 0.23%.

In terms of spend per person, councils in the South have spent an average of £457 more than North this year (£8,153 compared to £7,696), up on last years gap of £358 (£7,936 compared to £7,578). This represents a difference of 5.94% this year between per person spending in the North and South, up from 4.73% in 2011.

Jonathan Bruce, Managing Director of Prestige Nursing + Care said:

“The widening gap between the North and South is particularly troubling. As the South smoothes out national data, it is imperative the government doesn’t overlook the severity of cuts to funding care in the North.

“With lower salaries and less council funding, understanding the cost of care is crucial for those in the Northern regions. Our research found three quarters of northern care recipients wishing they’d known more prior to requiring care, informing the public on adult care should be top of the government’s list of priorities.”


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