An intern’s view of London and Wriglesworth

HeadshotWhen I got off the plane in London, my mind was whirring with a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and anticipation. As I scrambled around the city to find my flat which would be my home for the next three and a half months, I found myself in awe over the vibrant atmosphere of London and the sense of exhilaration that lingers in the air. I fully enjoyed trying to immerse myself in the culture. I slowly got used to everyone driving on the other side of the streets and the subtle language differences. It was fun learning how to navigate the tube system and trying all of the types of teas. Interning at Wriglesworth has proven to be a great learning experience, and was really the cherry on top of a fantastic journey. This organisation has opened my eyes to the world of public relations as well as real estate. I immediately appreciated the friendlessness of my co-workers and noticed right away how Wriglesworth strives to produce only the upmost quality. It was very enjoyable to see what PR actually entails. I spent most of my time reviewing the property supplements of newspapers, researching real estate properties, and helping gather materials for clients. There was rarely every a task I did not enjoy doing. I think this internship has honed my communication and organization skills and has definitely increased my interest in the possibility of PR as a career choice upon graduation. The last three months have really flown by. I will definitely miss Wriglesworth and I know that I will always remember this experience.


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