Simon Bassett, Managing Director of EMR comments on Lance Armstrong stepping down from the Livestrong Foundation:

“It can take years to build a brand but seconds to destroy it and this is what the Livestrong Foundation is now facing. Lance Armstrong’s complete withdrawal from the foundation is a move that 3 in 5 marketers thought was the right course of action as soon as the scandal broke. Now with all ties to the former icon severed, the majority of UK marketers feel the next best course of action would be a complete rebrand. This will be a tricky process though, and won’t be as simple as a new name and ditching the colour yellow, which he never wore legitimately as the leader of the Tour de France. All rebrands have to be managed carefully but charities must be extra cautious in order to safeguard the funding and services they provide to so many. And with such a high-profile case as this, the Livestrong Foundation certainly has its work cut out.”


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