Schwarzenegger and VELUX flex sustainability muscles at international awards

Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrated a shortlist of 100 of the most sustainable schemes from around the world including VELUX’s Model Home 2020 project at the inaugural Sustainia Awards at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.

As founder of Sustainia, a group of companies and organisations eager to share sustainability best practice, Schwarzenegger, who has his own strong green credentials also presented the overall Sustainia Award to British Azuri Technologies which has created an affordable solar solution for homes in the developing world. Schwarzenegger created the first cap on greenhouse gas emissions in the US while Governor of California.

The 100 schemes were assessed against a range of criteria and drawn from a number of different sectors, including energy, buildings, transportation and education. Other projects shortlisted included Marks and Spencer for their clothes swapping scheme.

As well as featuring in the top 100 sustainable schemes, VELUX is also a partner of Sustainia, alongside Microsoft, UBS and Ikea, and has contributed to the ‘Sustainia Guide to Buildings’ which outlines the benefits of more energy efficient and occupant friendly places to live and work. The 55 page guide can be downloaded at

Keith Riddle, Managing Director VELUX, comments:

“VELUX is delighted to be among the 100 most sustainable projects in the world and hope that other businesses can learn from the key principles behind our European-wide Model Home 2020 project. In supporting Sustainia and through the publication of the ‘Sustainia Guide to Buildings’ we hope to bring environmentally friendly and fair solutions within grasp of even more companies who want to contribute to building more sustainable societies.”


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