Newspaper Headlines – Saturday 6th October


Greek society is on the verge of collapse, at risk of disintegrating unless near-empty public coffers are replenished with urgent financial aid the country’s prime minister warns. Almost three years after the eruption of Europe’s debt drama in Athens, the economic crisis engulfing the nation has become so sever that democracy itself is now imperilled. Many officials fear the conservative-led alliance is being pushed too far in negotiations that have dragged on for weeks over the latest £10.9bn package of austerity measures that is the price of further aid.

Guardian p.2, Independent p.29

Cameron is pressed to veto the EADS-BAE following 45 Conservative MPs signing a letter demanding the prime minister veto the planned £35bn tie-up between BAE systems and EADS. The rebellion came as the plans to create the world’s largest aerospace and defence company by sales were hanging in the balance as the French, German and British governments struggled to find a common position under which they could support the deal.

FT p.1, Daily Mail p.12, The Telegraph p.18


Obama gains boost from US jobs data – The US unemployment rate has fallen below 8 per cent to its lowest point since Barack Obama took office in 2009, checking Mitt Romney’s momentum after his dominating TV debate, and steadying the president’s re-election bid. However, the improvement from 8.1 to 7.8 did not suggested a turnaround in the US economy, which has remained at a level which presidents have failed to be re-elected in recent decades.

FT p.1, Guardian p.20, Independent p.26, Daily Mail p.22


High-end homeowners rush to avoid new charges. New rules will hit people who bought properties through companies. The top-rate stamp duty band was introduced to discourage people from buying property within a company, after which future buyers could take over the shares in the company rather than the title itself, and pay only 0.5 percent in stamp duty, or nothing at all if the company were based offshore.

The Times, p.61

Personal Finance

How to ensure that Isas are the building blocks of your future? Isas are one of the most popular tax breaks on offer in the UK, but often poorly misunderstood. 20 million people have a total of £390 billion in these accounts which allow you to legally shelter income and capital gains from the tax man, Mark Atherton explains how best to benefit, and breaks down the top 5 options.

The Times, p.70


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