Canada Life launches its post RDR proposition

Canada Life is announcing its post-RDR proposition and the enhancements it is making to its range of onshore and offshore investments, annuities, protection and estate planning solutions. This includes the removal of high allocation charging options and the addition of comprehensive adviser charging facilities.

The adviser charging facility is designed to be as flexible as possible. Canada Life plans to support a wide range of options to meet the fee structures agreed between clients and advisers. With this in mind Canada Life will facilitate initial, ongoing and single ad hoc adviser charge deductions from their onshore and offshore products. Where possible the enhancements are consistent for both onshore and offshore investments.

To help explain these changes, Canada Life is publishing a range of detailed guides and sales support aids aimed at advisers which cover their range of onshore and offshore products. There will also be client facing guides to help clients understand the different options available.

There will also be a number of sales support aids available including:

  • A published list of the post-RDR products,
  • Details of the adviser charge options available from each product, and
  • A client facing aid explaining the RDR and how it will affect clients. This can be used by advisers to help explain to their clients what has changed and why.

For the active products, Canada Life is able to add an adviser charge to policies set-up pre-RDR and is able to facilitate adviser charges on top-ups to existing policies. There is also the option for a client to set a minimum and maximum ongoing adviser charge as a monetary amount in order to help reduce the effect of an unwanted chargeable gain.

Peter Towers, Managing Director, Wealth Management, Canada Life said

‘We have worked with advisers and taken on their feedback to provide what we believe is one of the most flexible offerings in the market. Our suite of post RDR products will provide a broad range of flexible adviser charging options. Our adviser literature is clear and concise and our client facing literature is designed to enable advisers to easily explain the effects of the RDR to them. We are fully committed to supporting advisers and their clients post RDR.’


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