West One Loans Launches Broker SMS Service

West One Loans, the largest privately funded bridging lender in the UK, has launched an SMS service to enhance its broker communications.

The service will ensure brokers receive up-to-the-minute information on pending business – everything from the results of property surveys to loan completion information. It will also inform them of upcoming events and special promotions.

Duncan Kreeger, chairman of West One Loans comments:

“This service epitomises what West One Loans is all about: speed. We’ve always been dedicated to doing business quickly – for instance, we employ an internal valuation-auditor to validate and assess valuations. That gives our investors more confidence in our valuations – and helps them decide whether they want to fund loans faster.

The SMS service is another demonstration of our commitment to speed. It will keep brokers up to date no matter where they are. They’ll get information quicker, which will speed up the turnaround time on each loan.

With the West One Bridging Index showing the number of bridging loans rising 52% over the last twelve months, and gross lending set to touch £1.5 billion by the close of the year, brokers are busier than ever. With the volume of bridging business increasing so rapidly, texts should prove a quick and convenient way to keep brokers in the loop and help them manage increasing workloads.”


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