News Headlines for 23rd August 2012

Exposed in the papers today… (along with Prince Harry)


Greece’s hopes of being granted more time to hit targets imposed by its international creditors received a setback yesterday, when EU leaders refused to make a decision until next month. The country has been given one ‘last chance’ to avoid bankruptcy. German chancellor Angela Merkel and Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker both warned Greece’s future in the Euro depended on the verdict of lenders, who will announce in September whether Athens is meeting the terms of its existing bailout programme. – Guardian p.28, Daily Mail p.6, The Independent p.31, The Daily Telegraph B1

Personal Finance

Energy bills to rocket by 9% adding an extra £102 to the average annual household bill. SSE shocked consumers by announcing the increase in both gas and electricity prices from 15th October. The SSE tariff rise will affect 8.4 million customers just in time for soaring energy demand in autumn and winter, and could trigger the other ‘big six’ energy firms to follow suit. The company commented that the increase was “unavoidable” due to rising wholesale gas prices, network costs and environmental regulation.

– Daily Express p.1, Guardian p.29, Daily Mail p.22, Financial Times p.3, The Times p.3, The Independent p.15


A child’s messy bedroom can knock £8,000 off the value of a house. The ING Direct survey found 2 in 5 potential buyers would be put off by a child’s messy room and 71% would use it as a reason to offer a lower price for a property. Trace of pets would deter 30% of buyers, while smelly bathrooms and grubby kitchens would dissuade over 60%.

– Daily Mail p.22, The Daily Telegraph p.11


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