West One Loans Appoints Wriglesworth

West One Loans has hired The Wriglesworth Consultancy as their retained PR agency.  The appointment was made after a competitive pitch process involving four other agencies.  Wriglesworth will start working with West One Loans immediately.

The privately funded secured lender has hired Wriglesworth to communicate with mortgage brokers via their specialist trade media and national press.  The campaign will also focus on the investment opportunity that the growing secured lending market represents.

Board director James Staunton will lead a team drawn from the agency’s corporate division.

Duncan Kreeger Chairman of West One Loans said, “We’re a fast growing, innovative lender and we need an agency that not only understands the complexities of secured lending but also has an excellent reputation in the wider mortgage industry.  And we’re looking for a PR team that can bring some intellectual rigour to our PR, too.  If bridging news is still seen as something of a Wild West area, Wriglesworth are the marshals that will help bring law and order to the chaos.

James Staunton, said, “West One Loans really saw the value in the research skills we can bring to bear on the bridging market.  They aren’t interested in a purely nuts and bolts, bread and butter PR programme.  They want to do something more thoughtful and creative.  That suits us perfectly and we are looking forward to delivering it.


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